Erceylan Children's Sweater

We currently manufacture products complete with custom brand labeling for customers here in Turkey as well as in Belarus, Russia, France, Iran, and Israel. Above that, we are constantly striving to broaden our international client base

—Erceylan Sweater

Erceylan Sweater

Our Company is located in the heart of the city of Gaziantep, and began as a small business in 1994. We knit children’s garments from a 2000 m2 studo. A knitwear hub, Gaziantep is one of two Turkish provinces that mass-produces knitted garments.

Custom Production

We knit our own line of products under the ECEYLAN brand name. We also knit sweaters for other clients under their own brand names. We knit an average of 350,000 simple as well as designer garments for children ages 0 – 13 from workshops that individually specialize in ready-made garments, embroidery, and silk-screen printing. Every last one of our products is manufactured to the highest quality standards for children.

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